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France is our main market with several specialties:

In cooperation with Van Weersth-Offerman, we distribute carpets all-over France.

In cooperation with Guisnel Distrubution, we distribute furnitures to and from Scandiavia to all-over France

Due to our close relations to several french forwarders, we deliver all-over France from and to all-over Scandinavia.

The structure regarding transports in Europe, has changed throughout the last years and one of our specialties is door to door deliveries with part- and full-loads, with a transittime of 24-48 hours.

For further informations please contact:

Export to France:
Ole Gade
Tlf. 7430 1033 - og@spedition-christensen.dk

Uwe Petersen
Tlf. 7430 1036 - uwe@spedition-christensen.dk

Thorsten Christensen
Tlf. 7367 1746 - thorsten@spedition-christensen.dk

Import from north of France:
Jesper Christensen 
Tlf. 7430 1035 - jesper@spedition-christensen.dk

Import from west of France:
Louise Moon Vonsild
Tlf. 7430 1035 - jesper@spedition-christensen.dk

Import fra south/east of France:
John Albers
Tlf. 7367 1755 - john@spedition-christensen.dk

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